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               Osteria Da CICCO

The second restaurant of the DA CICCO family opened shortly after 2000 in the area of Prospekt Mira.

Lot's of  people are visiting the Osteria with their families, are meeting business partners or just enjoying times with friends. 

"Da Cicco" is a favorite restaurant of real Italian food's connoisseurs and the cuisine is traditional and only the best original products are good enough,to be used in our kitchen and many compliments are received,that the food at Osteria is tastier,that what one ate in Italy!

As popular as our desserts are,so are the sweets and cakes-for whatever occasion-which are produced daily at our pastry shop.

Needless to say,that we have of course the proper wines,for almost anybodies taste and budget.

Children in an Italian restaurant are most welcomed and treated as they would be one's own!

Parties,banquets,corporate meetings and especially catering events-are very much in demand from Osteria and we take great pride in doing a great job at a very fair price.

Our personal which is almost still the same since the beginning get's high acclaim from our guests for their professionalism,trying to fulfill all the wishes of our customers and makes sure,that our antiques which have been used centuries ago,are staying where they are!

The best thing to do for you,just call-book a table-let yourself being spoiled-have a good time-and for sure-you

Staying where they are!

The best thing for you to do,just call-book a table,let yourself being spoiled,have a great time-and we are sure,you will come back soon.

Da Cicco, 2011